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Everything you need to know about tinted windows by RUMMAR

What are tinted windows?

In fact, tinting of windows is done by applying plastic film, polyester, to the inside of the windows by means of a heat source that activates the adhesive and makes it stick.

Installation of tinted windows

Intalling the film to the car is not easy. It is necessary to take into account the curvature of the glass, the millimeter cut into the edges and lower part of the door, as well as its edges.

Benefits of window tinting

There are two main reasons for having windows tinted: safety and aesthetics. interested in safety? Since the foil helps to keep the window in one piece if the glass breaks during an impact.

Additional benefit: lower fuel consumption

The use of tinted windows has been proven to reduce vehicle consumption and thus save fuel.

RUMMAR offers you

Lifetime warranty

At RUMMAR, we offer you a lifetime warranty. Moreover, before you take your car home, a check will be made in your presence to see if the windows open and close back, if the central locking system is still working, along with everything else necessary for you to ascertain its proper operation.

Keep in mind that the type of warranty may vary depending on the garage and the type of sunscreen, as each has its own process. Remember that the cheapest is almost never the best.

Personalized work

RUMMAR originated in Spain in 2003 and has been based in Antwerp since 2013. We continue to expand thanks to the best service for our customers, allowing them to have all their questions answered and request quotations without any obligation.

Our professionals have extensive experience and were trained both internally at Ruben’s Car Folies and externally with certificates guaranteed by our suppliers.


Only the best quality can guarantee lifelong durability. The quality of the polyester, the adhesive and the process used to obtain the colour are decisive factors for having durably tinted windows that fulfil not only an aesthetic function, but also that of sun protection and passive safety.

Aware of this, RUMMAR has a close relationship with its suppliers in order to offer the best to customers. Moreover, to complement quality, we test and evaluate new technological developments in tinted windows.

Percentage car window blinds

Introducing ICY, our range of window films with excellent heat and glare reducing properties, as well as minimal signal interference. The ICY series is a unique high-quality foil with a slightly reflective appearance and minimal signal interference. Combined with effective UV protection, ICY reduces fading of your car’s interior while keeping you cool. And by blocking up to 95% of visible light in your car, ICY protects your privacy wherever you go.

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Frequently asked questions

How long will the assembly take?

In general, installation takes between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the size of the car, difficulty of access to the windows, their shape and number.

Can the tint be removed?

Yes. The foil can be removed at any time after its installation. As professionals, RUMMAR knows the techniques for correct removal.

What is the difference between tinting with film or straight from the factory?

Some cars come straight from the factory with windows that have been darkened by an electrical process called deep dipping. Tinted windows from the factory have a dark colour, but they do not protect the interior of the vehicle from the heat of the sun or Uv rays as polyester films do. However, it is possible to apply RUMMAR’s films to factory-darkened windows to achieve better results.

Why do bubbles appear on films?

This is due to the installation method. Water is used to activate the adhesive and apply the film in the correct position. The water disappears during installation, but sometimes something remains trapped between the window and the foil. Then you may see small air bubbles that disappear in a few days as the water evaporates through the film. Placing the car in the sun helps speed up this evaporation process.

Tinted windows with the "L"?

There is no law prohibiting having tinted windows along with wearing an L plate, but you should try to keep the L visible.

Is it tinted from the outside or the inside?

The tinted windows of cars carry the polyester film on the inside of the vehicle.

The car inspection and tinted windows: Everything you need to know

Tinted windows have long since ceased to be a novelty, which is why it is no longer necessary to undergo an exceptional inspection, nor report them on the vehicle’s technical sheet.

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